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hIeuNnike 慢跑鞋 Z97j rCk

adidas官網,Policewoman landlord is still wearing a police uniform, standing in front of her hand carrying a black baggage, and in her living room behind, but also stood a big box with a bar, it seems to travel. Has been knocked for a long time no one responded, the policewoman landlord with a Qiaolian cold, directly pushed the door came in, looking for a long while, she found a squat in the corner asleep Chen Ran, could not help but Organization From the brow. See Chen Ran sitting on the ground asleep, she turned to want to leave, but only took the room, but turned to the body.
adidas慢跑鞋,Nose snorted, her feet gently kicked Chen Ran, Chen Ran did not respond. Kicked hard, Chen Ran still did not respond. And then kicked hard, Chen Ran still did not respond. Really a dead pig! Policewoman landlord snappily mumbled a cry, this squat down, will Chen Ran to hold to the bed. Best sleep to death in the past! Chen Ran to cover the quilt, the policewoman landlord staring at Chen Ran sleeping face, biting a murmur, and finally, also stretched out his hands clawed teeth toward the Chen Ran's neck pinch in the past, it seems to Chen Ran strangled in his sleep.
Converse,Chen Ran wake up lying in bed, which makes him a little strange, but he did not think about it, after all, when his mind is not clear, and before going to bed is not possible to climb the bed. Under the bed, open the window, took a deep breath, with a bit chilly air to Chen Ran immediately wake up. Back looked at the accumulation of a pile of jade, Chen Ran sigh breath, although the phase away from the jade carving contest only two days time, eight knife is still not a breakthrough knife, but has come to this point, no matter how Like, or take a break first.


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